Hops (Humulus lupulus) is a perennial, dioecious growing (male and female flowers occur on separate plants). For the purpose of brewing only female plants are grown, which develop fructescence called cones.



Super-aromatic variety with a very long and rich tradition. Noble hop aroma, delicate, very pleasant. Bred in the institute in Puławy. It is grown mainly in the lubelski region. Produced by individual and lineage selection. Lush plant, club-shaped intersection, green stem. Harvested by the end of August.

The content of alpha acids (% wt.) - 3.0-5.5

Beer styles: pilsener, german styles, belgian ales, biere de garde, sahti, grodziskie, baltic porter, hefeweizen, red ale, triple, quadruple.


A new aromatic variety bred in IUNG in Puławy, with a pleasant, harmonious and mild aroma. Bred by crossing the Lubelski variety with wild male hops originating from the area of former Yugoslavia. Fast growing plant, very lush, regular, cylindrical shape, green and red stem with distinct stripes. Harvested in second half of September.

The content of alpha acids (% wt.) - 6.5% -8.0%

Beer styles: Polish IPA, ales, Belgian styles, APA, EPA, IPA, AIPA


Bitter hop with a pleasant intense aroma and a floral hint, a typical dual-use hop, it has both aromatic and bitter qualities. Bred by crossing the Brewers Gold variety with wild male hops originating from the area of former Yugoslavia. Delicate plant, not too lush, cylindrical or spindle-shaped, green stem. Harvested in the fist half of September.

The content of alpha acids (% wt.) - 7.0-10.0

Beer styles: beer bitter, IPA, Polish IPA, red ale, dark ale, pilsener, Baltic porter, stouty styles German pale ale.


A new aromatic variety bred in IUNG in Puławy, with an intense and pleasant aroma. Bred by crossing of Lubelski with wild male hops coming from the area of former Yugoslavia. This is a typical bitter variety with large and heavy cones. Fast growing plant, lush, cylindrical intersection, green stem. Harvested in mid-September.

The content of alpha acids (% wt.) - 10.0-14.0

Beer styles: Polish IPA, heavily hopped styles, single-hop styles, ales, with a hint of fruit and other.


Extra bitter variety originating from Germany, bred as a variation of the American Gal cultivar. Highly efficient plant, low cultivation requirements. Acclaimed for the pronounced bitterness and pure taste. A variety grown in Germany (Hallertau region), USA and Poland.

The content of alpha acids (% wt.) - 12.0-14.0

Beer styles: pils

Hallertauer tradition

Hops grown in the German Hüll institute as a derivative variety of Hallertauer Gold. It is a dual-use hop (bitter and aromatic) with a very pleasant hop aroma with a light floral and resin accent. Light green plant

The content of alpha acids (% wt.) - 4.3 - 6.0

Beer styles:


This variety has been bred in the German Hüll institute in the 70s of the twentieth century and is a descendant of Northern Brewer. An aromatic variety. It is characterized by pleasant aroma, according to various sources - slightly spicy, minty, fruity. Due to the relatively high content of alpha-acids sometimes also used as a bitter hop variety. Grown mainly in Germany but also in Poland.

The content of alpha acids (% wt.) - 5.0-7.5

Beer style: recommended for hopping of both top fermentation beers and lagers.


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