Applying hop extracts is even more convenient and efficient thanks to higher content of alpha acids per given volume. Additionally, extracts provide much improved homogeneity and superior storage stability even for extensive periods of time.


Contemporary breweries use mainly hop extracts, which are concentrated essence of hop cones comprising resins and aromatic oils. Hop cones contain various compounds but the most important are alpha and beta acids.

Carbon dioxide extraction technology

Plant extracts have been traditionally produced by dissolving valuable ingredients in alcohol or alkanes. However, recent developments in technology made it possible to use carbon dioxide as a solvent to extract the essence of hops valuable to brewers. CO2 has many advantages over traditional solvents as it is widely available in surrounding environment and plays an important role in our physiology thus being natural to humans. Carbon dioxide at high pressure (supercritical conditions) becomes a superb solvent agent able to dissolve the required elements. Importantly, the extracted liquid is clean of any residual CO2.

Product characteristics

The extracts are stable – their composition does not change even during storage for extensive periods of time. The product does not contain nitrates or other contaminants – it contains only concentrates hop resins.

Resins total:   96,9%
Soft resins:   96,6%
Hard resins:   0,3%
Alpha acids:   up to 50%
Beta acids:   21,3%
Aromatic oils   up to 12 ml/100g


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