SCF Natural is based in the lubelskie region in Poland - famous hop growing area with centuries of tradition of breeding and processing of this valuable, natural resource. SCF Natural is deeply rooted in those traditions and develops them further by means of latest technologies.

We buy and process hop into high-quality granulated hop (type 90 and 45) of the best and pure varieties, bitter and aromatic.

Hops are processed in our modern, industrial-scale production facility. The plant is serviced and upgraded on a regular basis to meet the highest industry standards. The facilities are manned by qualified personnel of many years of professional experience. Their dedication results in maintaining cleanliness throughout the entire production chain and compliance with strict safety standards. Automated production process ensures full, real-time control over critical process parameters contributing to consistent, high final product. We are committed to catering for any specific requirement of an individual customer.

You are welcome to download the specifications and data sheets of our products (English versions coming soon) as well as the description of our production process which greatly contributes to the quality of our products.





Pellets Type 90
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Pellets Type 45


"Lubelski" "Marynka"

Hop Extract
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al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 13,

24-110 Puławy,

tel. 81 565 23 27


Sąd Rejonowy Lublin-Wschód z siedzibą 
w ŚwidnikuVI Wydział Gospodarczy 
KRS 0000452142

NIP 716-281-39-78

REGON 061513841

Kapitał Zakładowy 15 001 000 zł

Centrum Produkcyjno-Logistyczne

Suchodoły 120,

21-060 Fajsławice,

tel. 81 585 34 14 / 15

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